You don't need to have a trained palette to enjoy wine — you only need that if you're going to evaluate it.

Wine is all about pleasure and not just what's in your glass. It's a total sensation that has to do with the food, the company, where you are, the music, the conversation and the memories. And when the wine can bring it all together then, it's magic.

Wine opens up a world of gastronomy, culture, history, and humanity. This is what I offer—a voyage of pleasure through wine.

• Purchasing wine
• Organizing personal wine cellars.
• Inventory value, costs, when to drink.
• Building a wine cellar.

•Complete wine service for events.
• Plan and prepare a menu.
• Workshops.

Tutored Wine Tastings, Seminars
• How to taste wine.
• How to order wine in a restaurant.
• Matching wine and food.
• Buying wine.