With these few days of heat, summer is trying to make its way and that means BBQ’s and family gatherings in the park. Coolers and hibachis. What to drink though? I say leave the beer and rosé wine at home and bring Lambrusco. Yes Lambrusco.

Lambrusco is a sparkling red wine made in the dry (secco) or sweet (amabile) style made around the cities of Parma and Modena. When the wine is poured in the glass, it froths up a pinkish ring forms on top of the wine.

It is a light wine with little body and tannins. It is prized for its high acidity and refreshing taste. Its nose has vinous (fresh wine) overtones with hints of violets and strawberries. The locals drink it with fatty cold cuts like Proscuitto and Culatello or Parmiggiano Reggiano drizzled with Aceto Balsamico.

Lambrusco is the name of the grape and also the name of the wine. It takes its name from “Lo amo brusco” meaning ' I like it rough' because of the rough sensation of the fizz on the palate. The bubbles are creamier and the fizz is not as powerful as Champagne or Franciacorta.

It is made in these DOC zones:
• Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro
• Lambrusco di Sorbara
• Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce
• Lambrusco Reggiano
• Lambrusco Mantovano

Not familiar with any? They are around the cities of Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Mantova, Parma and Modena.

Serving temperature between 8-10C

So unpack the beer and rose wine. Leave the turkey burgers and peanut butter sandwiches at home. Do pack the pork sausages, pannini with prosciutto, porchetta and yes the Lambrusco.